last one i guess

so i guess this will be my last blog. sorry i never put a pic up of me or anything on my blog. i have a privacy issue with this whole thing i guess. i would never ever ever ever make a blog on my own. i wasnt thrilled to do one for this class but i had to and just never wanted to connect it to my name or anything i guess. call me paranoid but whatever. obviously i have no career as a writer or doing anything that involves writing. so i dont think that anyone else needs to see my writing thats not an occasional memo or what not. haha. well i really have no idea what to write about now. i guess ill think about stuff we did in class over the semester. shockingly i think i read all of the assigned reading out of everythings an argument. and i was very happy that i got like twenty bucks back when we sold it back. i obvi didnt know anything about rhetoric going into this class. i still dont really know ethos pathos and logos are. my fav thing we talked about was prob clarity. i may have actually learned something but then again its easy to be clear in a blog but not as easy in a paper when you feel forced to write something thats not you, not your personality, or not your views. and that kind of how i felt through out the semester. ok im done. hope i wrote enough blogs. but i probs didnt. oh well. semesters over and im tired of typing.

so another blog

im really not sure how many of my blog posts count for my grade so im just going write more i guess. so something related to our class.. i think ill write about photoshopping. i really sucked at photo shopping like a lot. i guess you can tell by both of my attempts to make a picture haha. my last paper was about education so i though umbridge making a little kid sleep at his desk was appropriate. thank goodness foley didnt really care how terrible the pics were. i would fail a photoshopping class for sure. i feel like im just rambling on about nothing right now. but oh well. i get that newspapers have pictures in them but i dont think my image did anything for my paper. haha. so i guess ill move on to another subject. i know a lot of people didnt really like the newest movie. but i like it. i mean it was slow but i think i will just love any harry potter movie ever. as soon as my sister comes home for the break i think ill have a movie marathon with her. maybe ill get the wand remote for our marathon.

hp class

Soooo.. were supposed to have written 200 words per entry.. and im pretty sure non of my entries come close to that. Guess I wasn’t paying attention to foley when she talked about our blogs at the beginning of the semester. Whoops. So what to talk about now.. well im not sure that I would recommend this class to any of my friends. Unless they really like to write. A lot. No offense but this class was horrible. And the harry potter content was much less than I expected. I wish foley would have been a harry potter nerd because that would have at least been more entertaining. But maybe she is one and she just didn’t really ever show us that side ? idk. I hate writing. Its not fun. I remember taking the taas test in fourth grade and being just horrible at all the exercises we had to do in class to prepare for it. Anyway im not the biggest fan of rhetoric either. I mean I wouldn’t say I hate it, its just something I have no interest in. when I look at pictures and stuff I don’t ever really look that hard at it to try to figure out message the artisit is trying to portray. I hit 200 words :) so next blog entry to come shortly 

academic journal…

I like the english journal. im not sure if this is a legit journal.. but this article was about education and i think i want to write about something education related so i guess its good.. idk. i dont like big words. so i probably wont really wan to write like any of these that i find….

i guess i should like the rhetoric review article that we looked at in class. but i didnt like it. i dont like the topic. its too boring. how can you write that much about sentence structure

Harry potter casts a spell on accident prone children is an article in the British Medical Journal. i like it. its interesting. its not just oober boring. only downside is that its sciencey. which sucks because im not going to be doing anything sciencey.

i think were supposed to say we dont want to write like the journal of adolescent & adult literacy since it is not legit. but i mean i like it more than others because its not as dry and boring as a lot of them. but i will try to not write like it.

i hated the thing we read from law and literature. i didnt know the meaning of like half the words in the title soooo… yeah i wont be writing like that. 


uh i guess i want to talk about harry potter and tolerance - this topic will prob change just saying. 

i have a test at 2. i dont want to do this.

i like - its funny, it makes me laugh, i like to laugh; - it is fun, has picture and video so i like it; - im prob biased here because i love food and i watch the food network for like at least 2 hours a day, but i like the style of writing. i like informal; goes in my ok list, its kind of has a newsishy style but its not terrible, topics make me laugh so i like it better; - i love celeb gossip and i like perez’s style its funny and he keeps it short and he just seem so nice so i would like to right like him. - so basically i like things that are funny and interesting

i dont like - it just seems like it tries to be to serious, - these people are crazy - like seriously saying crazy things. i dont want to be crazy, - its too newspaperish. kind of the same reason i dont like huffingtonpost, - which i really actually love reading and love the videos/pics, i wouldnt want to right like the bloggers, a lot of inappropriateness happens so i guess i could just include the two other barstool blogs here; - i dont like this either, almost everything i dont like reports news too much. if i wanted to read news i would get a newspaper. but i dont read blogs id rather watch trash tv then read trash on the internet so i may dislike other blogs if i looked at blogs more often